Thank you to all of our riders, sponsors, volunteers, the LAPD and friends.

It has been a great 20 years…and because of all of you we have accomplished a lot of good in this community.

For that we are both proud and grateful.

Today was another wonderful day in the City of Angels. Keep riding and stay safe.


We can’t thank Volkswagen enough for their continued support for 10 years…it has been more than a sponsorship, it has been a partnership where they cared deeply about our riders and our cause.

KHS Bicycles has been our sponsor for ALL 20 years and given away thousands of dollars in prizes and bikes to help support our event and our cause.

Pace Sportswear has not only made our jerseys for the last 10 years, they have donated 10% of their proceeds to the event charity.

It is truly unique to have such committed sponsors for which we are grateful and hope you will support them like we choose to.

City of Angels Fun Ride Event Sponsors
COA Funride Event Sponsors